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Boddy and Cloth: Behind the scenes

Welcome to Boddy and Cloth 


My name is Pamela Newton. I am entering my final year of an incredibly exciting BA degree in Textiles: Knit, Weave and Mixed Media at Coleg Sir Gar, School of Art in Carmarthen, West Wales.


This blog shares an insight into the journey; with details of the preparations undertaken for the final modules and the graduation process, studies within sustainable fashion and culminates in the launch of 'Boddy and Cloth'; bespoke, sustainable fabrics and products.

By pam newton, Jul 30 2017 05:05PM

At this, the beginning of the journey for the final year of a BA Textiles degree in Knit, Weave and Mixed Media, there are many 'threads' to consider in setting a brief for myself and planning its execution.

With a passionate interest in nature from an early age, it was logical to consider creating a collection of natural fabrics following the processes from field to fabric. This was not something I fell into but more a lifestyle choice that I have been working towards since a small child.The child who rummaged around within the River Thames drift all those years ago. With life now nestled within 3 acres of field here in West Wales, ripe for dancing with the dream and the graduation date to be soon upon me, its time to bring it all together. Read more HERE.

I am so determined and passionate about learning about, educating others and creating sustainable cloth, believing in the circular process necessary for protection of our planet, yet I have learnt through the journey of this degree that this can be obtained in so many ways. Many of them developing into innovative, exciting and contemporary ideas. Exploring old traditions in new ways to adapt the processes and outcomes; offering circular, sustainable and alternative approaches to fast fashion.

This blog will aim to create a mixture of anecdotal, colloquial styled accounts with more professional, technical research based findings suitable for inclusion within my final BA submission. It will accompany design proposals, sketchbooks, design boards and final samples exploring sustainable fashion. Read More about whole journey HERE.

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